Article I: Name and Jurisdiction

Section 1. The name of this organizations shall be The LLUIDAS VALE DEVELOPMENT AND REHABILITATION FOUNDATION.(TORONTO CHAPTER). The Chapter will welcome other alumni and associate members within the Greater Toronto region that do not have active local chapters in their area.

Section 2. The jurisdiction of the Toronto Chapter shall include the entire metropolitan Toronto area and beyond

Article II: Purpose and Objectives

Section 1. The purpose and objectives are as follows:
(i) To operate without the purpose of gain for it’s members and any profits or donations to the Foundation shall be used in promoting its objectives
(ii) To promote, preserve, and perpetuate ties among past and present students/ members of the Lluidas Vale community, living within metropolitan Toronto and beyond.
(iii) To provide, wherever possible, assistance to the Basic and All Age Schools as may be necessary from time to time.
(iv) To provide assistance to seniors living in the Lluidas Vale community and metropolitan Toronto and beyond as well as provide shut-ins as may be necessary from time to time.
(v) To promote social interaction between members and their guests.
(vi) To hold or arrange social functions, an annual picnic, and other ventures of a social, educational, or recreational nature.
(vii) To make donations for charitable, educational and other community purposes.
(viii) To establish a meeting place as members may require.
(ix) To invest the funds of the foundation at the discretion of the Executive Board.

Article III: Membership

Section 1. Any person from the LLUIDAS VALE community may become an active member of this Foundation. Eligibility for office in the chapter shall be left to the discretion of the Executive Members.

Section 2. Associate membership-persons who desire to affiliate with the TORONTO Chapter may do so even though they have not attended LLuidas Vale Primary School. Because of their interest in the goals and objectives of the association, they may participate in discussions, and are entitiled to vote providing they are paid up members.

Article IV: Officers and Duties

Section 1. The officers of the TORONTO Chapter shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Officers, and other officers that are deemed necessary.

Section 2. The officers of the chapter shall be paid-up members of the Foundation at the time of their election.

Section 3. The election of officers for the TORONTO Chapter shall be every two years.

Section 4. The duties of these officers shall be as follows:

(i) The President Shall:

(a) Manage and control any finances of the club. The executive committee must approve all expenditures exceeding $500.00 for any single transaction.
(b) Call and preside at all meetings of the club and its executives.
(c) Be one of the signing officers.
(d) Be an ex-efficio member in all committees.
(e) To delegate such powers as it may deem advisable to its duly appointed representatives or sub-committees.
(f) To appoint such sub-committees as it may deem advisable from time to time to assist in carrying out its duties.
(g) To enlist cooperation for any special purposes the services of any person or persons
(h) To receive and manage subscriptions and donations for approved specific or general purposes.

(ii) The Vice-President Shall:

(a) Perform the duties of the president in his/her absence and any delegated duties.
(1) In the absence of the President and Vice-president, the Secretary / Treasurer / Assistant Secretary shall chair the meetings.

(iii) The Secretary Shall:

(a) Keep a list of all affiliated members.
(b) Keep an accurate record of all proceedings of all meetings.
(c) Receive and handle all correspondence, keeping copies in a proper file.
(d) Notify and summon members to all meetings.
(e) Obtain from the Treasurer the annual financial statement and forward copies to each member prior to the annual general meeting.
(f) Submit to each member a written agenda for each meeting along with the notice of same.
(g) In the absence of the President and Treasurer be one of the signing members.

(iv) The Treasurer Shall:

(a) Keep an accurate record of all the monies received and disbursed.
(b) Lodge all monies received to the account of the organization within three business days from receipt of same.
(c) Pay all accounts approved by the general meeting or by the executives.
(d) Present a financial statement at all general meetings
(e) Prepare an annual financial statement and forward a copy to the Secretary for distribution at the annual general meeting.
(f) Sign all cheques and have the President countersign same before any transaction is completed

(v) The Assistant Secretary / Treasurer Shall:

(a) Assume the duties of the secretary or treasurer in their absence.
(b) Report to the secretary and treasurer at the earliest possible time
(c) Any delegated duties

(vi) The Public Relations Officer shall:

(a) Be responsible for membership recruitment.
(b) Give information to the public.
(c) Assist in promotion of social events.
(d) Liaison with all members in executive committee.
(e) Be a member of all committees.
(f) Complete other duties as may be assigned by executive committee.

Article V: Meetings

Section 1. Meetings of the executives:

(i) Meetings of the executives shall be held once every quarter at a time and place to be decided on by the president and the executive members.
(ii) The secretary shall give reasonable notice of all such meetings.
(iii) The quorum at these meetings shall be 2/3 of members.

Section 2. Voting at the meetings of executives:

(i) Each member of the executive council shall be entitled to one vote.
(ii) The president shall have a casting vote.
(iii) At the meetings the vote of the majority shall rule, except where specific majorities are stated in these rules.
(iv) Where voting is not unanimous, the distribution of votes shall be recorded

Section 3. General Meetings (Annual General Meeting)

(i) The A.G..M. of the organization shall be in April of each year. The business of the meeting shall be:

(a) Confirmation of Minutes
(b) Presentation of annual report and financial report
(c) To consider motions, notices, of which has been given in accordance with the rules.
(d) Election of officers.
(e) General Business

(ii) Special General Meetings:

A special general meeting of the organization may be called by the executives upon receipt by the secretary of a request signed by at least ten fully paid members, setting forth the objective of such a meeting, as follows:

(a) To alter or annul any of these rules and regulations
(b) To add a new rule or regulation
(c) To expel any officer or member
(d) To express “no confidence” in the executive committee or any executive member.
(e) Other

(iii) Notice of general meetings

(a) General meetings shall be held Annually.
(b) Minimum ten days notice in writing to each member stating the date, time, and place of the meeting. Accidental omission to give such notice shall not invalidate the proceedings of any general meeting.
(c) Other business may be brought up without notice if 2/3rds of the voting power are in favor, or at the discretion of the executive committee.

(iv) Quorum at General Meetings

(a) At the general meeting of the organization the quorum shall be one-third the voting strength.
(b) If within thirty minutes from the time appointed for a meeting there is no quorum the meeting shall be adjourned, or continue at the discretion of the executive committee.

Article VI: Finance

Section 1. The financial year for the organization will be from April 1st to March 31st .

Section 2. The organization’s income shall be obtained from membership subscriptions and fundraising activities, and from any other available and appropriate source subject to the approval of the executive.

Section 3. The annual subscription and levies shall be determined by the general meeting from time to time.

Section 4. Annual subscriptions are due January 1st and payable by May 31st. Any member who remains unpaid after May 31st shall forfeit the right to vote.

Article VII: Committees

Section 1. (i) There shall be an executive committee composed of the President,
Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

(ii) The following standing committees shall be appointed:

(a) Membership
(b) Budget
(c) Special Activities
(d) Other deemed as necessary

Section 2. The function and the duties of these committees shall be those associated with the said committee in addition to any which the president of the organization may assign them.

Article VIII: Disputes

Section 1. Any member may request the Executive to settle a dispute by submitting, in writing, the nature of the dispute and to request a hearing of all concerned.

Section 2. The board will hear the hearing within 60 days from receipt of request.

Section 3. Any member may request a special meeting in accordance with Article 5(3)ii in this constitution.

Article IX: Amendments

Section 1. Amendments to this constitution shall be passed by a 2/3 (two-third) membership vote of the paid-up members present and voting, and constitute a legal quorum as set forth in the by-laws of this Constitution.

Section 2. All proposed amendments must be submitted in writing to the chapter at least sixty (60) days before the final vote is taken.

Article X: Indemnity

Section 1. Every officer or Member of the Executive or other servants to the organization shall be indemnified by the organization against all costs, losses and expenses incurred by them respectively in or about the discharge of their respective duties, except such as happens from their own respective willful neglects or defaults.


1. Time and place of meetings shall be set by the organization in its annual program plans, to be held during the fourth quarter.

2. The dues of the Foundation shall be $25.00 annually. Dues for associate membership shall be $25.00 annually.
Family memberships, both regular and associate, will be $25.00 annually.The dues for seniors shall be $15.00 annually. The period covered by annual dues shall be from January 1 to December 31. Dues are due the first quarter of the program year.

3. The President shall appoint all standing committees at least by the second meeting of the year.

4. Any officer may be recalled by a 3/4 (three-fourths) vote of the membership present and voting. Charges brought against said officer must be in writing.

5. The President may authorize disbursements of $500.00 or less.

6. The President will appoint a Nomination Committee.

7. A simple majority of paid up members and (1) elected member will constitute a quorum.

8. The program year begins on January 1 of each year.

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