The annual treat of the Lluidas Vale Development & Rehabilitation Foundation (LVDRF) for the elderly was held on Saturday December 22, 2012 at the Brassington Memorial  Hall.

On Friday the 21st December, 2012, a number of volunteers turned up at the venue to package the various food items in readiness for the occasion.  The volunteers worked tirelessly and completed the task in very good time.  All the volunteers were mobilized by the President of the Lluidas Vale Citizens Association (LVCA), Mrs. Janet Jallum.  As you already know the treat was masterminded by Mr. Walter Eastwood since its inception. He handed over the reins to the LVCA prior to this year’s event and was a great help in assisting to organize the treat and making it a success.  His advice and experience was invaluable and as a result the event came off without a hitch. He has promised to assist in any way he is able to in the future. 

The funds that were sent amounted to One Hundred and Forty Two Thousand, Two Hundred and Fifty One Dollars and Seventy Seven Cents (J$142,251.77). Mr. Carol Davis was contracted to supply the provisions. Based on the favourable prices he usually gives we were able to accommodate over one hundred and fifty (150) persons.  This was achieved through the reduction in the number of items bought and also smaller quantities in each package.

On the morning of the treat Mr. Eastwood presided over a short praise and thanksgiving session. He spoke about the origins of the treat and credited the LVDRF as the source and main sponsors of the event.  The recipients were very pleased and asked us to convey their thanks to you and your membership.  As usual the star of the show was Miss Lula Hall dressed in her wig, makeup and other finery. The only missing element was the camera to record snap shots of the treat this year. Hopefully Bobby and Joy will be here next time around in their journalistic capacity.

We take this opportunity to also advise you that we received Forty Thousand Dollars (J$40,000.00) from the LVDRF toward the Jamaica 50 Celebration. Ten Thousand, Five Hundred and Seventy One Dollars (J$10,571.00) was used to treat children of the school to purchase goodies such as ice cream. That treat was also successful. The remaining Twenty Nine Thousand Four Hundred and Twenty Nine Dollars (J$29,429.00) was deposited in the Bank.
On behalf of the Citizens Association and the persons in our community, we wish to express our thanks to you and everyone who have contributed to this annual event. It usually brings such cheer and hope to all our families at such a time each year. May God bless you all as you continue on life’s journey.

A copy of the receipts along with a hard copy of the report will be presented to Mr. Tim Escoffery after the electronic report is sent.

LLuidas Vale Citizens Association