Lluidas Vale Rehabilitation and Development Foundation
                                                                         Established 1998

President’s Report for 2015
Here comes 2016!
We have managed to complete another successful year 2015. The mere fact that this year 2016 will be 20 years of our existence; 20 years of serving our community; this in itself is a significant accomplishment.
Since this year 2016 will be our 20th year, I am hoping for an exciting year. So I am asking members for suggestions on how we should celebrate this milestone year. Enjoying ourselves, raise some funds for the association, assisting the Village and the community even more. So please send me your suggestions and ideas so that we can make this year a most memorable one.
I am proud; as I am sure all of you are, of our accomplishments this year. Some of our accomplishments for 2015 are:

Thanks to the Principal of the all age School Primary school for facilitating the project.
Thanks to members of the Llv. RDF, Toronto chapter who were present in the Village to assist with the distribution of the goods.

The distribution of the goods was managed by our Mr. Oswald Thomas, who now resides in Lluidas Vale.

The barrel was received at the wharf by Mr. Earl Batchelor and transported to the Village by Mr. Basil and then to the Primary School by Mr. Oswald Thomas.
The children clothes were distributed among the Baptist Basic School, the Brassington Basic School, The Triumphant Church of Praise Basic School and the Primary School.

Her house was gutted by fire; she lost the entire contents of her home, indications that the structure is also damaged and may have to be demolished.
The evidence indicates that there were electrical malfunction of the JPS electrical wires.
In addition to this, her Mother died couple weeks before, then her brother and a cousin who was like a sister to also passed away in the same period.
In light of this the Association along with friends and relatives stepped up to help and assist her with monetary donations, clothes and food.

On the Village front.


Again, thanks to our hardworking committee and the support from donors, members and friends. The commitment and dedication to giving back to our community has not gone unnoticed.
Our organization will continue to support the Village and the Schools to help realized their objectives.

Yours Respectfully,

Tim Escoffery