High Priority School Projects
In early July the President of the LVRDF (Toronto Chapter) Mr. Tim Escoffery met with Mr. Elgin Taylor, Principal of the Lluidas Vale School, along with a few other members of the community. It was a very productive session, and excerps are listed below.

Meet Dainya Antonica Landell. She is this year's "Student of the Year" with an 83% class average. Dainya has been accepted at St. Jago High School as one of five students to be placed in traditional high schools via the Grade six Achievement Test which replaced the common entrance examination.

"Go Girl"

1. Partition for the class rooms total area 25' x 110' to be sectioned off into 6 or seven sections.
Mr Taylor to obtain costs for wooden stands, and our group would assist with the cost.
2. 7 new computers are required with at least Pentium 4, 40GB, loaded with windows XP. One of the old Pentium computer is upgraded to P4 with windows XP loaded.
3. The friends of Crofts Hill and Kellits Association with chapter in New York has donated two P4 computers complete with monitors and XP software. The donation was made on behalf of one of the founding member of this organisation who had lived in Crofts, but hails from Lluidas Vale, and is now living in New York. Her name is Mrs Norma Palmer.The computers were received at the school on May 20/05.

4. Original request list:
Toner cartridge for the HP printer part #c4096A
Replacement VCR
Photo copier
Overhead Projector (digital would be very useful as a teaching aid with the computers networking)









Ms J. L.andell (Teacher)
Mrs Hyancith Newton (PTA President)
Mr Walter Eastwood (Community Leader)
Mr Seion Taylor I. T. Personnel (Mr Taylor's Son)
Mr Dorrel Castle I. T. Personnel (Young resident 3rd. generation bright person)
Both I. T guys are proficient in computers, repairs, networking, application skills, software upgrade, LAN network and architecture, etc. very capable individuals.

6. Seion has agreed to send our group information, news and tit bits on a regular basis by way of the Internet with the his roving digital camera when he received it.