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Worthy Projects 2006 - 2007 continued

December 17, 2006

My dear Tim,

Re: Update on Rotary Club Project for Lluidas Vale

You recall we discussed the possibility of the Mobile Clinic of my Rotary Club being stationed in Lluidas Vale to offer screening in certain medical problems to the persons in the town? This is one of the projects in which the Rotary Club of Liguanea Plains is involved and it is also sponsored by Blue Cross of Jamaica and the Shipping Association of Jamaica. The Clinic has been to several locations in Kingston and this is the first time that it will be located in a rural area.

On Friday December 15, I went to Lluidas Vale with the President of my Club and a representative of the Shipping Association, to assess the feasibility of having the Clinic there. The nature of the road was one issue as the Clinic is very big and another was the suitability of the location with regard to access by the town people and security for the vehicle and its contents. You will appreciate that such a Clinic is valued at several million dollars as it is equipped (among other things) with offices for a doctor, nurse and medical technicians as well as a bathroom and waiting areas and supplies of all sorts.

There were a few challenges with regard to the Mobile Clinic reaching the destination and being set up, but it was felt that these could be addressed. One challenge was the entrance to the market, where the clinic will be located. There is a low cable across the entrance and in the opinion of the persons assessing the situation, it requires someone with expert knowledge to push the cable up, to allow the Clinic to pass under. Another was electricity of 220 volts to run the clinic and a long cable, but the representatives from Lluidas Vale said they could provide this. I must say that the team that accompanied me to Lluidas Vale was very impressed with the towns people, both those they met and those they observed. We had a lengthy conversation with Mr. Wally Eastwood about several aspects of life in the community and his own aspirations and also with Mr. Oliver Peart (Neil) who owns the restaurant and bar behind the market. The controlled and friendly attitude of people going about their business indicated that they would respect and appreciate the gesture that was being made for their benefit and would not destroy or steal from the Clinic, maliciously or for personal gain. Nonetheless, it is our policy to have security for the clinic during the nights when it is not in use, so we would appreciate it if some arrangements could be made either with Worthy Park Estate or a selection of citizens, to provide such a service.
We are planning to have the official launch early in January. I requested that it take place before you return to Canada on January 18 and this was accepted. I am aware, though, that because of the holiday season when very little can be accomplished and the numerous arrangements that must be put in place – doctors, technicians, testing materials, etc. etc., it may not be possible. The issue is that this location is rural and the persons involved will have to travel on a daily basis. So far, a friend of mine, who is a retired medical doctor, Kenneth Richards, has agreed to give some days. Earl Batchelor suggested asking Dr. Trudy Batchelor, his niece, to be involved. Other persons will be approached as necessary. Dignitaries from the community will be invited to attend the launch and a few selected persons will be asked to address the gathering (3 minutes per presentation). Mr. Wally Eastwood was already asked to be one of these persons.

I must say that I am happy that this project is now a reality. My friendship with you, your mother, Earl Batchelor and the many other persons I have met through all of you, plus my love for that area, moved me to request Lluidas Vale for our Club’s Mobile Clinic. The project committee of the Club will now liaise with Mr. Eastwood and arrange for a town crier to announce the services of the clinic in the surrounding districts and will provide fliers for distribution and placement as well as arrange for important persons in the community to be contacted and invited to attend or participate in the launch. After this I may not have all the details of the execution phase, but I will certainly keep you informed of what I know and if you need addition information, Mr. Eastwood is the person to be contacted.

So all the best until I see you, Tim.