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Lluidas Vale Development Community Association making a mark
The recently launched Lluidas Vale Development Community Association, (LLUVDECA) is making its presence felt in this St. Catherine township. They have recently erected a school sign at the entrance to the Lluidas Vale All-Age School and constructed a pedestrian crossing in the vicinity.
The association’s president, Mr. Walter Eastwood said that LLUVDECA will be involved in community ventures like these, and that their next project will be the rehabilitation of the community centre in the locality. He noted that they have been working closely with the Social Development Commission and that very soon they will be embarking on programmes to develop skills and generate employment. Membership in the organization, which has declared itself to be non-political, is open to all residents.

Here's your list of the hard working folks at the helm:
Tim Escoffery  timothycharles@worthyvillage.com                           
Vice President:     
Carl Beharie cbre@worthyvillage.com                            
Michelle Kennedy  michellek@worthyvillage.com
Public Relations:

Co-opted Members
Danny and Michelle Roberts
Howard and Joan Patterson
Barbara Thomas
Desrine Wilmot



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