Year 2017
1. Herbie Fund $218.00
2. AJAA Membership & Insurance $500.00
3. Food For The Poor $ $100.0
4. Promotional T-Shirts $830.00
5. City Permit $173.00
6. Custom Fees $410.00
7. Website Hosting Fees $346.00
8. Mount Industry Support $200.00
9. MDB Church Donation $50.00
10. Shut-In Christmas Treat $1000.00
Total = $3,827.00

Year 2016
1. Christmas Treat  $1,000.00
2. Bereavement Gifts $200.00
3. Food For the poor/Mdb Church $250.00
4. AJAA Membership & Insurance $480.00
5 Shipping & Custom charges $700.00
6. Herbie Fund $218.00
7. All Age School Luncheon Sponsorship (Rides) $145.00
Total = $2,993.00

Year 2015
1. Christmas Treat  $1,030.00
2. Donation Food For the poor $350.00
3. Shipping & Custom charges $173.60
4. AJAA Membership & Insurance $720.00
5. Bereavement Gifts $200.00
6. Donation Herbie/ Molly $378.50
7. Donation Mt. Industry Association/ Mdb Church $210.00
Total = $3062.10

Year 2014
1. Christmas Treat  $1,030.00
2. Baptist Basic School (Perimeter Fence) $430.15
3. Herby/Miss Imo  $210.50
4. Shipping & Custom charges $305.00
5. Bereavement Gifts  $300.00
Total = $2275.65

Year 2013
1. Christmas Treat $1035.00
2. Bereavenet $770.00
3. Web Hosting 157.00
4. Pastor Jacques Small, Sporting Academy of the Village $514.00
5. Mount Dennis Baptist $100.00
6. Miss Imo/ Herby 119.00
Total = $2695.00

Year 2012
1. Bereavement to members who lost Family $200.00
2. LLuidas Vale Citizens Assoc. donation $550.00
3. Shipping and Custom Charges for two barrels to Basic and All Age School $366.68
4. Appreciation Plaques for Carmen Allisons (former Secretary) and Olga Wray (former Treasurer) $227.26
5. Christmas Treat $1600.00
Total = $2,944.94

Year 2011 
1. March CA$109.50 was sent to Miss Imo as we continued to supplement her care.
2. December 2011 CA$450.00 to purchase All-Age School Supplies and paid shipping cost for Computers
and printers donated by the Boys and Girls Club of Scarborough Ontario, Canada..
3. December 2011 Christmas Treat for the Shut-Ins CA$2,700.00
4. Other Charitable Donations CA$455.79
Total = $3715.00

Year 2010
1. January CA$500.00 given to the Lluidas Vale Soccer Team to help provide gears and jerseys.
Donation of $300.00 sent to Miss Imo.
2. Memorial Plaque for Lenky and Liz. $113.00
3. $300.00 towards Steve Montgomery's medical
4. Christmas treat for the Shut-Ins $2,200.00
Total = $3413.00

Year 2009
1. Donation of CA$300.00 sent to supplement Miss Imo's caretakers cost.
2. CA$412.00 made available to refurbish the All-Age School broken computers.
3. CA$100.00 Ticket purchase to support the Pace Canada Charity on behalf of Liz D. 
4. At Christmas time CA$2,030.00 sent to provide the annual Christmas Treat for the Seniors and Shut-ins.
Total = $2842.00

Year 2008
1. Late 2007 the the President ot Toronto's LVDRF was made aware of couple whose situation badly neded attention. As a result a project commenced to assist in repairing this couples little home and also to supply some food through local community volunteers. To date a total of $598.00 including individual member's donation has been sent to community members who are aware of Miss Imo and her son's most urgent needs. Our sincere thanks to those volunteers.
2. A check for $312.00 was sent to the All Age School for Computer Upgrade. This money was used mainly for software upgrade as the Technician gave his time without charge. We thank him kindly.
3. A check for $400.00 was sent to Brassington Hall Basic School to replace the Kitchen Cupboards.
4. The Association also invested $316.78 in a Backpack program for the garduating kids of the above School.
5. A donation of CA$500.00 was made to help defray the cost of building a suitable place for our brother John who lost one of his feet earlier this year.
6. The paintings by Danny and Denton which was sold by this organization netted the Artists a total of $1140.00
7. The Association has authorized $1970.00 for providing 2008 Christmas Treat for the Elderly and Shut-Ins.
8. The Association has netted Seven Hundred and sixty dollars ($760.00) from sales of pictures painted by Danny and Denton
Total = $4091.78

Year 2007
1. Christmas Treat cheque for $1700.00 issued again to LLUVDECA to purchase stuff for the elderly and shut-ins.
2. Cheque for $300.00 sent to Brassington Basic School to purchase All-In-One Printer.
Total = $2000.00

Year 2006
1. In late November a cheque for Ca$1700.00 was issued to LUVDECA to buy Christmas gifts for the elderly or shut-ins, and members of the community who are in dire need.
2. In 2006 we also donated $350.00 to Andre Gordon to help his mother with medical expenses for his cancer treatment.Total =$2050.00

Year 2005
1. On or about December 2, 2005 LVRDF (Toronto Chapter) sent Can$1800.00 to LUVDECA
to carry on the tradition of providing a Christmas treat for the Lluidas Vale Community's elderly and Shut-ins as well as those who are identified as being in need.
2. The Association has placed an order for three (3) Dell P4 PC systems and a Projecor which will be delivered within the next 10 - 12 days. Cost $3000.00 
After some delay with the loss of the projector in-transit, all items were delivered by September 2006. Much thanks to Bill and Carmen for their relentless communication with Dell
3. In 2005 after the new computers were delivered, a student Darrell Castle, assisted the teachers in networking the computers; discarded some of the obsolete units, salvage what was good and made the Computer Lab functional.Total cost $288.64.
Total = $5088.64

Year 2004
1. Donation of $300.00 sent to LLUDVECA to assist with their Easter Fair .
2. On October 4, 2004 Dr. Jodie Isen presented Four Hundred (400) pairs of shoes to the Association. He has asked that we share this gift with another group in Mandeville. These shoes will be sorted, boxed and shipped soon. Mr. Walter Eastwood President of LLUDVECA will be asked to oversee the distribution of these shoes amongst the Community's most needy .The Association thank Dr. Isen very much for his generous gift
3. November 14, we again sponsored our annual community Christmas treat for some of the elderly and shut-ins who are over 70 and those in dire need. We also increased our donation to $1500. This event was facillitated by Lludveca
Total = $1800.00 plus

Year 2003
1. Donation of $1000.00 to buy Christmas gifts for the elderly or shut-ins, and members of the community who are in dire need. 
2. During the week of December 22, articles of clothing, Computer hardware and software was shipped in care of the local LLUDVECA to be distributed. Members of this arm (Canadian Chapter) will be taking time out of their vacation to assist in this project.
Total = $1000.00

Year 2002 
1. The purchase of a Tarpaulin (tent) for outdoor functions such as memorial services, and other community activities. This is used when community events are impeded by inclement weather. Donation $200.00 
2. June 19th. cheque for $250.00 sent to assist in the setting up of the local Lluidas Vale Development and Rehabilitation Foundation 
Total = $450.00

Year 2001
1. Contribution to the Sonika Shand fund. A young girl living in Lluidas Vale who suffers from a congenital curvature of the spine. Contribution of $500.00 to assist with the purchase of a special back brace.
Total = $500.00

Year 2000
Donation of supplies to the computer lab at the all age primary school. TV, Fax machine, VCR, Computer software, computer educational supplies, computer printer, printing paper, inks, etc. Donation $1921.71